About Company
eMumba Block B, 3rd Floor, STP-3, 156 North Service Road, I-9/3 Islamabad Islamabad online: 5 years

eMumba was founded in 2011 with a mission to bring agility to large organizations using cutting edge technology. Since inception, the company has successfully helped numerous organizations - startups and enterprises alike - achieve their technology & business goals. The company has enabled startups find successful exits, and has helped enterprises be more agile and win new business.

Job Details
Data Engineer
< 20,000Rs

As a Data Engineer you will: Solve heterogeneous problems revolving around data. Write code to handle structured and unstructured data. Develop data pipelines using message queues, databases, open and closed source big data processing tools. Work with other engineers to extract data of interest from various internal platforms. Build end to end systems that can support high data rate and volumes. Build and deploy solutions on top of enterprise platforms like AWS, Azure and Splunk.

  • Job Code: DE8412
  • Position(s): Multiple
  • Experience: 0-5 years
  • Education:Undergraduate degree in CS/Mathematics
  • Job Location: Islamabad
  • Apply at: careers@emumba.com
Skills & Requirements

  • Solid skills in algorithms and problem solving.
  • Sound knowledge of data structures.
  • Strong knowledge of at least one programming language.
  • Good communication skills.